Summary of The Bible

Summary of the Bible means putting all the essential information and messages of the Bible in a short and clear manner. This article has put all the essential things you should know about the Bible in clear, short and in an interesting way. I pray, “May God help you going through this article.”

What is the Bible in Simple Terms

When we want to know the Bible in brief, we have to know first; What is the Bible in simple terms? The simple meaning of the Bible is “the books.” The root word of the Bible is biblia in Greek, which carries the meaning “the books.” It is the plural form of biblion, “book.” Therefore, the Bible means not a single book, rather it is the collection of the books.

Today, all people know that the Bible is the Holy Scripture of Christians. Christian Bible contains the 66 canonical books. As a Christian, we believe, the Bible is the very Word of the living God (2 Timothy 3:16). Therefore, the Christian Bible is not only the collection of the books, rather it is the life-giving Word of the Almighty God.

What is the Summary of the Bible

Summary of the Bible includes the message of the Creator God to His beloved humankind. In order to make this message understandable to us, the Bible explains the whole history from the creation to the new creation. The Bible is divided into Old Testament and New Testament.

There are 39 books in the Old Testament (OT). Law (Torah) is the first five books of the OT. Similarly there is a section of historical books (Joshua to Easter), a section of poetic books (Job to Song of Songs), and a section of prophetic books (Isaiah to Malachi) in the OT.

Before starting the New Testament (NT), there was a 400 years of gap, which we call “the silent period.” NT has the sections of gospels (Matthew to John), Church history (Acts), epistles (Romans to Jude), and coming events (Revelation). 

What is the Main Message of the Bible

Having the summary of the Bible means knowing what is the main message of the Bible. The main message of the Bible is Jesus is our Savior and the Lord. The Old Testament talks about the coming Messiah (coming King),  the victorious king who will restore all things.

The New Testament shows that the promised Messiah (King) is Jesus Christ. Jesus the God-Man came down to us and got victory over sin and death. He is the victorious King who will reign forever, His kingdom is eternal. Whoever believes in Him, will have eternal life.

Keeping our faith in Jesus, we will enter into His eternal Kingdom, where no death or sin can harm us. This is the grace of God (Eph. 2:8-9). Though we die one day, God will raise us with a glorious body in Jesus’ second coming. In Jesus, we have our complete salvation. Faith in Jesus saves our spirit, soul, and body. There is no salvation of humankind beside Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12).

What is the Basic Storyline of the Bible

A good Bible summary also contains the basic storyline of the Bible. The Bible story begins from the perfect creation of God, and continues how sin spoiled His creation, and ends with the restoration of His creation in Jesus Christ. God created everything; seen and unseen things in the universe. He also made mankind in His own image to have fellowship with Him forever and to take care of His creation (Gen.1&2).

Satan trapped Eve and Adam (the first man and woman) and they did fall into sin (Gen. 3). Sin entered into the world and it spoiled everything. However, God’s love for humankind never changed. He planned to restore everything through His redeemer. He chose a woman to bring that redeemer in this world (Gen. 3:15).

God made His revelation more clear as time passed. God promised Abraham a nation through his descendants and the redeemer also will be his descendant (Gen.12:1-3). The nation Israel came up from Abraham. God again revealed the redeemer will come from the line of David (an Israelite) 2 Samuel 7:16. Before 700 years of Jesus’ birth, Isaiah said he will be born from a virgin (Isa. 7:14).

In the New Testament, Jesus was born from a virgin as a descendant of Abraham from the line of David (Matt. 1). He died on the cross in our place and resurrected after three days overcoming death and the power of Satan. He redeemed us fully by His grace. We are saved in Him through faith.  

What is the Essential Story of the Bible

In the summary of the Bible, we must know what is the essential story of the Bible. Jesus’ birth, His crucifixion and resurrection is the most essential story of the Bible. After the fall of Adam and Eve, our relation with God was broken. We were under sin and deserved death. However, God’s original purpose for humankind was not a death, rather to be with Him forever. Therefore, God sent His only Son Jesus to die in our place, so whoever believes in Him may have eternal life (John 3:16-17).

All the Scriptures fulfilled in Jesus’ life. He was sent one by God. in fact He was God Himself (John 1:1-3, 14). Jesus made the love of God understandable to us. Therefore, stories written in the gospel about Jesus’ virgin birth, His sacrifice on the cross for our sin, His resurrection overcoming death, His ascension and promise of second coming is the most essential story in the Bible. 

I hope this short article helped you more or less to understand the Bible and it’s message for us. Please feel free to comment below and you can share this content with your friends as well. If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us Thank you and God bless you! 

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