What Does Son of God and Son of Man Mean? -With Bible Verse

You may have the question: what does the Son of God and the Son of Man? What does the Bible say about it? Yes, it is a bit of a confusing topic when we hear it for the first time. However,  it is the most important and interesting topic to know about. 


The son of God and the Son of Man is the most controversial topic. Many people are led astray because of the misunderstanding on this matter. This article provides the clear understanding on this topic with Biblical References.

Son of God Bible Verse

Let’s turn to our Bible and read all these verses very carefully. It is essential to have our physical Bible and notebook when we sit to study on any topic of the Bible. Here are the Bible verses for the Son of God:

Genesis 6:2-7Exodus 4:22-232 Samuel 7:141 Chronicles 17:13 1 Chronicles 22:10
1 Chronicles 28:6John 1:12-131 John 2:28-29Genesis 6:2Acts 9:20
Job 1:6John 11:521 John 3:1-3Romans 8:16Romans 1:4
Job 2:1Romans 8:12-251 John 3:9-10Jeremiah 31:202 Corinthians 1:19
Job 38:1-7Romans 9:6-81 John 5:1-2Matthew 26:63Hebrews 4:14
Psalm 2:72 Corinthians 6:14-18Revelation 21:7Matthew 27:541 John 4:15
Hosea 1:10Galatians 3:24-29Hosea 1:10Mark 1:11 John 5:5
Matthew 5:9Galatians 4:1-8Philippians 2:15Mark 15:391 John 5:20
Luke 6:35Ephesians 1:5John 1:12; 1Luke 8:28John 20:31
Luke 20:34-36Philippians 2:15John 3:1-2John 13:31Mark 5:7
Bible Verses for Son of God

Son of Man Bible Verse

Bible verses for the Son of Man:

Psalm 36:7Genesis 5:3-4Daniel 7:18Luke 22:69Matthew 24:27
Psalm 80:17Ezekiel 2:1Mark 2:10-11Hebrews 2:6-9Mark 8:38
Psalm 107:8Ezekiel 2:3Matthew 9:6Psalm 8:4-6Luke 18:8
Ezekiel 31:14Ezekiel 3:1Luke 5:24Matthew 20:28John 1:51
Psalm 146:3Job 25:6Mark 8:31Matthew 8:20John 5:27
Psalm 14:2-3Daniel 8:17Luke 9:22Matthew 9:6John 6:53
Psalm 53:2-3Daniel 7:13Acts 7:56Matthew 11:19John 12:23
Micah 5:7Daniel 7:13-14Mark 14:62Matthew 16:13John 13:31
Genesis 4:1-2Daniel 7:27Matthew 26:64Matthew 18:11Acts 7:56
Bible verses for Son of Man

What is the Meaning of Son of God

What is Son of God God mean?  Does God have wife, sons, and daughters? No, it’s nothing about God and His marital family. The Bible has the significant meaning of it. There are two meanings according to the Bible. We will look it one by one:

It Refers to Humankind

It may sound new for you that the Son/sons of God refers to humankind. Yes, the Bible mentions that Adam was so (Luke 3:38). God called that Israel is His son (Exodus 4:22-23, and check other verses given above). In the general understanding, we all are created by God. Therefore, in the sense that God is our creator, all humankinds are God’s children. However, to have our inheritance in His eternal Kingdom, we must accept Jesus Jesus Christ as our Savior (John 1:12). 

Therefore, the Son of God as humankind has two meanings; one is general and one is special. In general, it refers all humankinds, for God is creator. But in special meaning, those who believe in Jesus Christ are the children of God with the inheritance in the Kingdom of God. 

It refers to God/Deity of Christ

There is no doubt that the Son of God refers to the divinity of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself claimed that God is His Father. God Himself said that Jesus is His beloved Son (Matt. 4:17). (As we already mentioned many verses about the Son of God above). 

Jesus’ miraculous birth shows that He is the divine Son of God. Jesus’ incarnation that happened with the divine Father and human mother. The Holy Spirit came to Mary and the power of the Most High overshadowed her. As a result, Jesus was conceived. If Jesus’ Father is God then He also must have His Father’s nature/divine nature. 

Jesus Himself testified before Sanhedrin that He is the Son of God (Matt. 26:62-63). If we read Matthew 26:62-63, the high priest asked Jesus to tell if He is the Son of God Jesus answered; you have said so, and He was charged with blasphemy. Why did it happen so? Because, claiming this name means claiming to be God for Jewish. In another place, Jesus said that Father and He are one (John 10:30), for God is one.

What is the Meaning of Son of Man

Understanding the meaning of the Son of Man is another significant aspect. According to the Bible, this name has two meanings; one referring to humans and one referring to Jesus’ Messiahship. Let’s take a look  in detail.

It Refers to a Man/humankind

Son of Man generally means humankind, or born of human. The Old Testament uses this term as ben adam, many times to refer to humankind (the descendants from Adam). God called the with this name to the prophet Ezekiel 39 times.  In general, you and me, we all are son/daughter of man. We have our human father and mother. We have humanity with our human nature. You can look to the Bible verses mentioned above how many times it refers to the humankinds of this world. 

It Refers Messiah/Deity of Christ

On the other hand, the Son of Man refers to the Messiahship/deity of Christ. Jesus used this title many times for Himself in the New Testament. The background of this title for Jesus’ Messiahship is found in the book of Daniel. According to Daniel 7:13-14, the Son of Man is a divine person who comes from Heaven. In his vision, Daniel saw that person is an eternal being who is in existence from the Ancient of Days. He also saw Him as an eternal King who has power and authority over all the nations and people. And most importantly, he says, the Son of Man receives the worship which means He is God. 

Jesus is famous with this name the Son of Man in the New Testament (read the Bible verses given above). It shows that He is the Messiah, the eternal King in the Kingdom of God. This title shows that Jesus has the power and authority over the nations. He is the real one sent by God from Heaven. Therefore, this title shows that Jesus is the long-waited promised Messiah. 

What is Difference Between Son of God and Son of Man

We (humans) are the sons (and daughters) of God only in the sense of God’s creation, and not in the sense that we also have divinity as Jesus. In the same way we are sons (and daughters) of man, only in the sense that we are human and not in the sense of Messiahship. However, Jesus is Son of God in both senses that He is God/in the sense of His divinity, and He is also the one among the humankind. In the same way He is Son of Man in both senses that He is born of human mother (He is fully Man), and He is the Messiah the deliverer the divine one (God) who comes from Heaven. 


Let’s remember in an easy way what does Son of God and Son of Man mean? Reading all the scriptures and discussing the topic, the Son of God refers to humankind as well as to the deity of Jesus Christ. And in the same way the Son of Man also refers to the human being, the descendants from Adam as well as the Messiahship of Jesus Christ.

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