What is a Missional Church?

“Missional” is used to show that Church is for going out to the people. Missions mean sending people to different places for one purpose. The purpose is to make disciples. Proclaiming the good of Christ or evangelizing the lost. Establishing the church, developing leaders, and expanding the church throughout the world.

The mission of the Church comes directly from Jesus Christ. Jesus said about going, making disciples, and planting the church (Great Commission). Why should we plant the church? To continue the process. This kind of church should have a strategy on how to carry the mission in today’s culture. Many churches want to bring the people in church but don’t want to go outside to the people. Many churches are busy constructing the building, programs, prayer, and other ministries.

It is Biblical Church

A missional church teaches doctrine and makes it applicable in that particular culture. It is not only studying the old creeds but answers the biblical truth to every new attack in Christian theology. Therefore, it is an important content of the doctrine such as (i) Scripture is God’s word. (ii) Sovereignty and foreknowledge of God. (iii) Humankind before and after fall (iv) Jesus’ virgin birth and his death as our penal substitution. (v) Salvation is only possible in Jesus Christ. (vi) God’s design of male and female, and sex outside marriage is sin. (vii) Suffering in hell for unbelievers. (viii) God’s kingdom over the culture. (ix) Satan and demons are real, working in the world. It uses Jesus instead of using the common term God Because other people may define God on their own unbiblical basis. Jesus is the hero; the Savior of the Church.

It practices and  preaches Repentance

There are always believing sinners, unbelieving sinners, and religious people. In fact, all of them are sinners. Therefore, this church brings them all under the grace of God. Believing people acknowledge that they sin both by commission and omission. So they repent and change the sinful action in their life (1 Timothy 2:25-26). Unbelieving sinners are called by the gospel for repentance (Acts26:20). They will know about God and his love for sinners and life in Jesus. Religious people seek righteousness in their own religious practice apart from Jesus Christ. Therefore, this church introduces that righteousness in Jesus Christ. The leader of this kind of church also shares his testimony about the experience of forgiving his sins.

 A missional church goes into culture

It serves faithfully in any culture, people, place, and time. Because they know that it is God’s plan for them. Culture is soil and gospel is the seed. Therefore, missional churches always study the culture of how seeds can be fruitful in that soil. It finds the error that needs to be pulled out. Other church copies one practice of a church and forces it to apply in other cultures. They don’t bother whether that is fit for that particular culture or not. For example, white dress is usually a holy dress to western but for Hindu culture, it is sign of mourning.

Therefore, a missionary is a missiologist who studies the culture of that particular place and people. S/he trains other missionaries on how they can make the gospel more effective in that culture. A missiologist should study and discover the culture of people every day. He can get information from the Television, Radio, online, magazine, and talk with people. Missiologists can learn about people and culture by visiting the mall and grocery store; what they buy, how they speak, what they wear, and so on. It is more important to spend time with teens because it shows what kind of culture is coming to the new generation and how the Church should be ready to minister to that culture. Sometimes breaking the routine is also important. Because sometimes it is important to go out to different bars. It can be out of routine and a sudden decision.

It contextualize the gospel

Contextualization is not syncretism. Syncretism is like mixing milk with alcohol in a cup. But contextualization is giving pure milk in that same cup where he used to drink alcohol before. Jesus showed the perfect model of missionary. In Matthew 11:19 he ate and drank with people, but he ever crossed the line into sin. Contextualization is doing something by every Christian in every culture (1 Cor. 9:19-23).

Only preaching the gospel without studying the culture is just finishing the task for some organization or person. A missional church should contextualize the gospel using all means in order to make people know about the truth of Jesus Christ. It is making the church accessible in all cultures without compromising biblical truth and Christian belief. When the gospel passes from one culture to another, it is difficult to determine what to reject or accept. Gospel should not be captivated by culture. The New Testament Epistles are examples of what should be accepted and what rejected. All Epistles deal with questions and conflicts about what should accept or reject. In today’s context, cases can be about dress, smoking, drinking, tattoos, and so on.

It loves singles and couples

In many services preachers focus on marriage life. They preach how one should live in a family. But a missional church is not only for couples. It is also for singles, it takes serious consideration about singles. People may be single for many reasons; divorce, widowhood, loner waiting to marry, some never married, some don’t want children, and so on. Of course, marriage and children are gifts of God, but there are many singles around us. Therefore the this kind of Church should demonstrate love and offer service to them. It doesn’t mean to add another separate service to them. Because if we do like this they will think we are treating them as second-class people and they may feel hurt.

A Missional Church Trains Christians As a Missionary

It seeks the glory of God in the conversion of lost people. This church loves the lost people and considers non-Christians. It takes a missionary outlook on all of life and ministry. Church members are expected to serve on the front lines of cultural missions. They are Jesus’ witnesses to the world. But they can be good or bad witnesses. Because they are on the front lines of ministry. Missional churches are trained. Trained in hospitality, theology, and apologetics. Peter mentions a missional lifestyle as loving Jesus as Lord over all and living in a relationship with lost people. Members of this kind of church see that their local church expands beyond and this church finds itself easier to do mission work. Works into the entire world regardless of cultural context.

It is Supernatural

A missional church is a supernatural community. This church refuses to settle-led and spirit-empowered living. But it means it doesn’t chases signs and wonders. This church prays to people with physical sickness for healing and they will see healing. It believes in spiritual gifts which are mentioned in the New Testament and they seek to apply in Biblical ways.

It is Countercultural

Kingdom people are to live out their lives as a countercultural community. Because their citizenship is ultimately in God’s kingdom. First, those who follow this countercultural worship God by obeying the teaching of Scripture. Second, countercultural people train the younger generations. Third, open and public countercultural kingdom living provides lost people an alternative and attractive way of life with Jesus.

Six aspects of countercultural:

  1. Countercultural living includes loving people and the place where has put us.
  2. Its living requires becoming a stakeholder in the culture.
  3. It includes honoring marriage.
  4. Includes celebrating children as God’s blessing.
  5. It includes doing good not only for fellow Christians but also for the common good of all people.
  6. Includes not fearing the great culture.

This kind of Church multiplies

It cares about people to be saved in Christ by the local church. This church expresses the sharing and giving resources in four ways

  1. Planting other churches.
  2. Starting other campuses as an extension of its ministry.
  3. Practices unity on a local level.
  4. Helps other evangelical churches improve in their maturity inwardly and evangelism outwardly.

A Missional Church is Messy

This church is like an early church. Because this church struggles with marginalization in society.

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